About Us

The Surgical Critical Care Initiative, funded by the DOD's Defense Health Program, was established in 2013 to develop decision-making tools in the management of complex and critically injured patients.

Who are we?

To realize its vision, SC2i draws considerable expertise from the premier academic centers and research-focused organizations that form its core: 

How SC2i Works

SC2i brings together clinicians and scientists to gather and analyze information ranging from simple observation to bio-banked tissue samples, and makes the resulting data available for use in computerized statistical models that, critically, produce decision guidance tools that can quickly be used to improve clinical practice and outcomes.


Facilitating tissue acquisition and data analysis for improved decision-making algorithms are SC2i's principal focuses. Once validated, it is expected these efforts will lead to the rapid integration of findings into clinical practice, thereby maximizing outcomes across any discipline requiring complex medical decision-making, including surgery, critical care, emergency medicine, orthopedics, transplant, and oncology. 

Approaches developed by SC2i are expected to simultaneously improve the quality and reduce the cost of care in critically-ill patients, for the benefit of both military and civilian healthcare systems.