for Acute Care

SC2I: Improved clinical outcomes at lower costs

Improving critical-care decisions can save lives and improve recovery. SC2i processes data from participating studies at world-class civilian and military research hospitals to create clinical decision-support tools that focus clinicians on the best choices for each patient.

Why clinical decision-support tools instead of new equipment or techniques?

Regardless of the quality of the tools, outcomes depend on knowing when and how to best deploy them. Critical care clinicians already achieve an impressive 85% success rate, but by optimizing their most complex decisions, SC2i's clinical decision-support tools can raise that number to 95%.

Why is it better?

SC2i's approach is data-driven, biologically tailored, effective, and inexpensive.

  • Data-Driven

    SC2i is focused on developing, translating, and validating biology driven critical care. This model of providing individualized treatment based on the underlying biology has the potential to dramatically improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.

  • Biologically Tailored

    The process of biology driven care will provide clear benefits to both the patient and the healthcare system. Patient benefits may include not only improved functional outcomes, but reduced morbidities from over- or under-treatment of specific disease states, as well as a shorter critical care treatment cycle.

  • Better Outcomes and Lower Costs

    Biology driven care enables clinicians to reliably deliver the right treatment at the right time to ensure the best potential outcome at lower cost.